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Cookies are small files stored in your web browser or on the device you are using when opening a web page. Similarly, like most websites, we use cookies to provide you with a better, more responsive and safer user experience. We use cookies to, for example:

  • Enable certain functionality in the system.
  • Improve the safety around your and other users’ accounts with us.
  • Gain insight into user behavior to enhance the user experience – we are using business-standard tools for visitor analysis These may place cookies in your web browser to provide information about the user behavior when visiting the website. The Processor collects anonymous information about visitors by using the Google Analytics tool. The purpose is to gather statistics that are used for improvement and further development of the provided information content and services. As examples of what the statistics are used for, we can mention information about the number of visitors that have visited the different pages of the site, the duration of the visits, which websites the users navigate from and which web browsers are being used.

Depending on your system usage, some of the pages may contain services provided by third parties, like a map from Google Maps in a job post, a video clip from Vimeo, etc., and the use of pages that contain these services may lead to that these services enter additional cookies. This is nothing that Norwegian Church Aid - Country Office can control, and we, therefore, encourage you to make yourself acquainted with the privacy policies of these service providers as well.

If you use the Search with LinkedIn or Search with Jobreg functions in the system, a cookie from the respective third party will be placed in your web browser.

Block and delete cookies

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Please note that if you turn off the possibility for the website to enter cookies, it may affect the user experience, and some functionality may also stop working.

You can also delete the cookies that are currently available in your web browser. Please see the documentation of your web browser to get more information about how this is done.